Sarah (lovingangels) wrote in legally_perfect,

Am I legally perfect?

Name: Sarah
Age: 16
Starsign: Gemini
Hair colour natural: Brown
Dyed?: it isn't dyed but it has a lot of blonde highlights from the sun
Eye colour: Hazel- they change depending on my mood
Piercings?: 7 in my ears, and my belly button

Favourite colour: pink
Favourite bands/artists: Modest Mouse, Ashlee Simpson, The Ataris, Jessica Simpson
Favourite movies: Step Into Liquid, Legally Blonde, Thirteen, Amelie, Moulin Rouge
Favourite TV shows: Southpark, Simple Life, Simple Life 2
Favourite place in the world: Paris or Hawaii

your views on:

Sex before marriage: If you believe that you are responsible enough to handle any possible consequences, then I don't believe it's a problem. But if you aren't ready to handle possible STDs or having a baby, then don't.
Self harm: I know a lot of people that have done it, but I don't understand how cut yourself relieves pain. Doesn't it just cause more?
Eating disorders: If you want to lose weight, try cuting out all of the junk food and excersice more than you did before. Starving yourself, or throwing up your food does not help. In fact, when you first start starving yourself, you actually get fatter.
Homosexuality: I see nothing wrong with it. People can't help if they are gay or not.

Tell us all about you be as detailed as you like:
I am very active- I surf, swim, play water polo, run, lifeguard, skate, and snowboard. I'm going to be a senior and I'm pretty scared of the idea of going to college. I live in a beach community *Santa Monica, CA* and I'm on my schools surfing, swimming, and water polo team. I play goalie in water polo. I compete in paddle board competitions *I got first at the last one I competed in* I love going out with my friends and partying but I know when to not party and do my work. I love to travel and I'm addicted to shopping.. I just got scuba certified and it is the collest thing ever. And ummm... I don't know lol.

2 or more photo's:

*they're kind of old pics*
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