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Name:Skylar Denielle
Hair colour natural: drak brown
Dyed?: i dyed it in the summer. (black)
eye color: dark brown
Piercings?: 2 in each ear

Favourite color: teal
Favourite bands/artists: 82: across five aprils, afi, against all authority, against me, alkaline trio, allister, american hi-fi, american nightmare, anit-flag, ash, at the drive-in, ataris, bad religion, barenaked ladies, blink 182, bouncing souls, boy sets fire, boys night out, brand new, buzzcocks, cheap sex, choke, coheed and cambria, cramps, dashboard confessional, deadpan, death by stereo, distillers, eve6, fall out boy, green day, hot hot heat, iggy pop, jet, jimmy eat world, keepsake, kill your idols, leftover crack, less then jake, mighty mighty bosstones, misfits, my chemical romance, new found glory, nine nich nails, nofx, offspring, oi! scouts, pearl jam, pennywise, pixies, poison, pretty girls make graves, ramones, reading, reel big fish, rich kids on l.s.d, saves the day, senses fail, sex pistols, something corporate, sr-71, sublime, sugarcult, taking back sunday, the adicts, the all-american rejects, the beautiful mistake, the blood brothers, the clash, the early november, the get up kids, the hippos, the hives, the new amsterdams, the starting line, the used, the vines, the yeah yeah yeahs, thursday, vendetta red, wakefield, weezer, taking back sunday,the killers,bright eyes,every time i die
Favourite movies:Requim For A Dream,The Breakfast Club,16 Candles,Empire Records,Wonderland
Favourite TV shows:The Real World, The OC,anything on Power Fuse
Favourite place in the world: any where by the ocen

your views on

Sex before marriage: um,if your gonna do it its your choose,but im waiting.
Self harm: not to sure,sometimes it can be a beautiful thing.
Eating disorders: you need to get help if you have one.
Homosexuality: you can be gay,but you cant hit on me.

Tell us all about you be as detailed as you like: i like walks on the beach,sleeping in till noon,i love pasta, im crazy about eating bread, i hate lady bugs, my fav. color to paint my nails is pink. i only eat breakfast if im starving, other wise im to bust getting ready for school. i dont like eating fatty foods, but i do anyways. i dont like how i have split ends or my bad breath in the moring. i hate eating mac n cheese, its sick! i hate candy,its always too sweet. i love things that smell like strawberries.

2 or more photo's:

i have a link for them.

<3 skylar
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