Rebecca (blood_moth) wrote in legally_perfect,

Thank you to the response I recieved to the comments of who wants to join again! It's great to see everyone again. There are just a few issues to tackle, we need a new mod! Anyone willing to help co-mod with me? Please email this form to my email

One photo of yourself:
Resons why I make a great mod:
Reasons why I want to be a mod here:
Tell me about yourself:
Email address:
If you are sucessful as the one comod, what will you bring to the team?:

So if you are interested please send that to me now and do not forget the photo as if you are the lucky one who gets chosen then your photo will be next to mine in the userinfo for all to see :-)

Secondly we are starting a points system here. This is for fun and is not really a competition but the winner of each month will be in the userinfo for everyone to see a member of the month :-) You get points for the following:

Voting yes or no on an appliation: 5
Being accepted as a member: 25 (all current members start at 50 points)
Making us a promotional banner: 15
Making us a promotional banner with a link inside it: 25
Posting photos of yourself after being stamped: 1 point per photo
Recieving a warning for promoting or rude behavious: -5
Getting a new member to join (they must state your name when applying): 10
Becoming a co-mod: 30

Any questions please do ask and please get promoting. Also courtesy of Christie_03 please check out our new community info page :-)
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You asked me if I would like to join again and I didso like do I need a new app or like am I already a member here?
No you do not need to reapply just get voting and promoting as we need loads of new members :-)

thanks for coming back we appriciate your membership :-)