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Name: Angela
starsign: Scorpio
Hair colour natural:light brown w/ natural dirty blonde highlights
Dyed?: NoPe
eye colour: blue and green
Piercings?: ears

Favourite colour:red pink n blue
Favourite bands/artists:ashlee and jessica simpson,maroon 5,jojo, christina milian,usher,yellowcard,black eyed peas,kevin lyttle
Favourite movies:along came polly,50 first dates,spiderman,raising helen,mean girls,lilo and stich,finding nemo,legally blonde,garfield was adorable =),edward scissorhands (sry for the spelling lol),shrek,
Favourite TV shows:one tree hill,the oc, 7th heaven, road rules, real world,friends,gilmore girls,
Favourite place in the world:the beach...its so peaceful =)or maybe arizona cuz thats where some of my family lives.

your views on=

Sex before marriage:i personally wouldnt have sex before marriage just because i think that it should be something you do with the one you love and who you will always be with..but if u absoloutely know you are going to be with that person forever..then do what you want because know one is telling you what to do with your life..noone is telling you how to live it..but i also think that sex is something very like sacred and special...oh yea and i also think that when your like a virgin your pure n i think you should be pure when you get married..
Self harm: by cutting youself or doing drugs or anything else like that your just creating more problems for yourself than you already have..regardless of how you like to relieve your pain you just should'nt hurt yourslef and other loved ones who care for you..people who do that to themselves think that by doing this i have somewhat of control over their life..but these people should also get help and try to help themselves..i also think that people who cut themselves or do drugs and it because its a way of escaping their problems
Eating disorders: if u are a little chubby and you want to loose some weight by all means you should do benifit your health situation..but i dont think you should go as far as becoming bilemic or anorexic..some people have an eating disorders because they think it's the only thing that they have control over..but by having an eating disorder you are just hurting yourself even more...for people who have an eating disorder i think that they should get help and cure their problem.
Homosexuality: for people who are gay and live that kind of lifestyle..i dont think they should be judged or anything like that because they are human beings and having feelings also, you only live life so i guess do what you want to not going to say that its right but im not going to say its wrong..ive learned in religion class that its a sin...but god gave us free will i guess..but i do think that people who are gay should respect other people who dont except that way of living n they should respect them also...
Tell us all about you be as detailed as you like: well i live in newyork and i go to goos counsel highschool..its an all girls school..wich sometimes gets annoying but i see the guys on the weekend lol =), i love to hang out with my friends n go to the movies,play softball n basketball.. n i like to watch football..i lobve to swim n paly mini golf, i love to go shopping, n im such a girly girl, i can get really hyper.. n im probobly the real funny girl in the group, if u habg out with me you probobly wont have a bad time =)

lol i wrote alot !!
2 or more photo's:

img <src="">

haha i thought i'd put a funny one in cant really see my face... but anyway thats me at school lol..Oh n the pick is kinda big..sryy
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