Rebecca (blood_moth) wrote in legally_perfect,

Now open!

We were closed for a long time but now we are back in business :-)
All members that I informed of the re-opening who wish to still be a member here please comment here and you will be kept :-)

New girls feel free to apply now! :-)

Your mod - Rebecca xxx
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yea i'd love to be apart of it again..thanks for asking ;D
Great :-)
Were lacking ALOT of members as we only opened today!
So please do promote is one banner feel free to make your own or whatever :-)

But also spread the word to your friends maybe they will want to join too! I'm hoping the community will grow soon:-)
Sure doi have to reapply?
No you do not have to reapply :-)
Were in promoting stages, so as soon as we have some more members then vote away :-)
Welcome back and keep checking, add to your friends page if you can. xxx
Sure thanx if u need help let me know + check out my comunity 0xx_plastic_xx0
Oh and if you wish to be affiliates with this community then we could have your banner on ours and our banner on yours. Community affiliates seems to get alot of members :-)
HeYyY..yeaa i wouldd lovee to still be a member!! sorry it to0k me so long to replyy ive been havingg regents n finals he past 2 weeks
I've had exams too my last ever ones!
I'm back now :-)
Welcome to the community again, we need as many new applicants as we can so any ideas etc are much aporiciated. Please promote!! :-)
Yes, I sure do still want to be a member! :D
Great! :-)
Well welcome back!
Promote as much as you can and invite all your friends. We need loads more members.
hey i still want to be a member.. sorry for the delay<3
Great! thanks for replying no worries about the delays, promote to other communities if they allow it and if you have any communities we could be become affiliates etc.
Any ideas are welcome, get promoting! :-)