amanda (_devotiion) wrote in legally_perfect,

co-mod application

Name: Amanda
Username: _devotiion
One photo of yourself:

Resons why I make a great mod: well im the oldest child in my family so i have always been the one to make up the games, set the rules and take charge. which is exactly the kind of thing a mod shout do.. right?
Reasons why I want to be a mod here: i really like this community. i have been to alot of communties and some of them just suck.. there horrible and the people are totally over rated.. but this community was always real, and the people were all cool and down to earth, and NORMAL. lol
Tell me about yourself: my name is amanda marie, manda for short. i am five foot 2 inches and about 110 lbs. i have blonde hair which turned green from the pool, lmao (im working on fixing it) i have a serious boyfriend, we have been together for almost 3 years and i love him. i am going to be a senior in september. i attend an ALL GIRL Catholic highschool. im from philly pa. hmm... i love to do webdesign and coding. hmm im a good listener, a good friend, and an overall nice person. ;)
Email address:
If you are sucessful as the one comod, what will you bring to the team?: i will help as much as i can, i will help with layouts, coding etc, and i will try to come up with new and interesting ideas.
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