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Welcome. After a long hiatus, Legally Perfect is now back. Please do apply!

One Only stamped members are allowed to post in other people's entries, this will not come with a warning, simply a ban.

Two NO ADVERTS FOR OTHER COMMUNITIES. This clogs up the page and gets anoying, use www.livejournal.com/community/promote for this use please.

Three All stamped members please post all pictures, or entries that you want to post under a cut with the header "Stamped" and then whatever it is you wish to post about.

Four Members can be as harsh or as cruel as they like so long as they give you a reason and are not racist or use language you find offensive.(contact me if there are any issues with other members)

Five Put "Am I legally perfect?" in the subject title so I know you have read the rules please. If you do not you might not be considered.

Six To be accepted you must have over fifty percent of your votes as "yes" and less than fifty percent as "no" or a MOD automatic acceptance stamp which overrules the voting system, this is rare. Please do not dispute this.

Hair colour natural:
eye colour:

Favourite colour:
Favourite bands/artists:
Favourite movies:
Favourite TV shows:
Favourite place in the world:

Your views on..pick TWO only:

Sex before marriage:
Self harm:
Eating disorders:
War on Iraq:

Tell us all about you, be as detailed as you would like:

2-10 photo's of yourself, make sure they are clear:

Your mod......

Rebecca xx

Please contact me should you wish to become a moderator or should you wish your rating community to become affiliates with this one.

You will now have an accepted banner, please put this in your userinfo on you Livejournal. Promote, vote and have fun!

Here are all the stamped members and the points so far (points system explained Here):

Harriethatter - 50 points
eliminated_soul - 50 points
hope92685 - 50 points
kraftsingles - 50 points
xlabelunknown - 50 points
eyez_0f_a_child - 50 points
pink_undiesz - 50 points
brooke38901 - 50 points
_devotion - 50 points

Whoops! Looks like you're just not legally perfect!
Sorry, if you were rejected please try again with better pictures or more detail in 24 hours or more. Thanks for trying out anyway, don't take it too personally. Some of us just aren't perfect enough :-)

Please feel free to make us some banners for promotion and earn points for each one you make. The new points system will come into effect very soon but if you make them now then you will still get points saved until it starts :-)

Accepted? Put this into your userinfo. If it is not there then we will warn you, if you do not add it or give me a good explaination then you will be removed.

Rejected? We do not suppose you will want this in your userinfo for everyone to see, but for the fun of it here it is :-)

Userinfo designs such as dividers made by the wonderful _christie03 at ultimategraphix